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Cultivating happiness begins with happy living.  Happiness if an effect of doing things that create those feelings of happiness. It is not a destination one arrives at and remain at.  There will be happy days and sad days.  Happy living is the conscious building of practices in one’s life that create more of those feelings of happiness and less of the sad.


This section of the website covers articles designed to help you create more happiness.

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Perspective Makes All the Difference in Our Happiness

Perspective Makes All the Difference in Our Happiness

Life will bring you plenty of experiences that you can use to grow from and opportunities to change your perspective. You will grow as your experiences expand and eventually everything works out in its own perfect way. However, most often, we fail to see the benefit...

6 Strategies to Create Your Own Happiness

6 Strategies to Create Your Own Happiness

Many people come to believe very early in life that life is a game they can't win. They spend the rest of their lives collecting "evidence" to prove why they don't deserve to be happy or that I can't be happy because "this happened" to me. They spend time thinking...

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