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Gratitude can help you improve your health, build stronger connections with others, create more happiness, and even help you deal with adversity. Because gratitude also helps people connect to something larger than themselves it helps one live their passion and purpose. Gratitude it POWERFUL.  A gratitude practice can change your life!

Gratitude can make a positive and significant impact our your health, happiness and joy.  It can help us make a transition from happiness to joy and from unhealthy to healthy. 

This section of our website explores the benefits of gratitude, how to cultivate more health, happiness, and joy through gratitude practices, and expressions of gratitude.

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Gratitudes Impact on Health Happiness & Joy

Gratitudes Impact on Health Happiness & Joy

Gratitude can make a positive and significant impact on your health, happiness, and joy. That is what study after study shows. It can help us make a transition from happiness to joy and from unhealthy to healthy. Gratitude is such a powerful emotion. It is difficult...

Disclaimer: We are not a doctors. The views on this website are our own interpretation of personal medical conditions and things we may have tried to alleviate some symptoms. We always strive for accuracy and truth, however there are times when we may well have some parts wrong or perhaps we are just not very thorough. Consult your doctor, and don’t take our word for it.



We believe in living your best life, despite whatever is going on in life. And yes, we get it, there can be a lot going on. You see, our family has been diagnosed with multiple medical conditions: including cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, dysautonomia, and other invisible illnesses.

This website is designed to be a place where we talk about resources to increase health and happiness, despite life’s stuff. Here is where we are starting to record research we’ve done or found related to various medical conditions, tips and tricks for increasing health, what it is like to deal with a variety of medical conditions.

We’ll also share different parts of our lives, including the things we do to create more happiness in life. It could be hobbies, restaurants we love, travel we’ve done, and more.

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