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Happiness, at least my definition of it, is the level of contentment and the feeling of well-being has in one’s life.  The more you can built in things into your life that help you feel a greater sense of well-being the happier one CAN be. You see, it’s not just the experiences one has that increases our happiness, but the one perceives those experiences and thinks about one’s experiences.

Thankfully, one can cultivate more satisfying experiences in life and one can cultivate thoughts that lead to an increased send of well-being.

This section of the site is dedicated to building life enriching experiences and to the cultivation of thoughts that lead to greater happiness.


Perspective Makes All the Difference in Our Happiness

Perspective Makes All the Difference in Our Happiness

Life will bring you plenty of experiences that you can use to grow from and opportunities to change your perspective. You will grow as your experiences expand and eventually everything works out in its own perfect way. However, most often, we fail to see the benefit...

6 Strategies to Create Your Own Happiness

6 Strategies to Create Your Own Happiness

Many people come to believe very early in life that life is a game they can't win. They spend the rest of their lives collecting "evidence" to prove why they don't deserve to be happy or that I can't be happy because "this happened" to me. They spend time thinking...

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