I am too young for a cane. I never pictured myself needing one until I was at least 85.  But I ended up needing to use one often due to multiple sclerosis. But when I finally decided to get one, the cane opened up some freedom I had been missing. I have not regretted getting one.

Thankfully, I don’t need the cane all the time. I often need it during MS relapses, when I am fatigued from walking for a while, and at times when I may not feel well enough due to other illnesses. I did have to use it when I was dealing with pancreatitis because I was pretty weak.

Last October, I invested in a couple of hiking sticks. Those hiking sticks allowed me to go hiking with my sisters in Zions National Park. I was able to go across the beautiful red rock, over some of the smaller boulders, and more thanks to those hiking sticks. Sure, I didn’t go everywhere they went. Instead, I sat on the beautiful red rock and meditated.

I often use hiking sticks around town. It keeps my back in a more upright position which feels better.

So, if you are dealing with health issues that limit your ability to get around, investing in a cane may give you more freedom.