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Self Therapy Tools

High Elastic Exercise Bands Fabric Fitness Band Heavy Workout Booty Bands for Workout, Hip Circle Resistance Bands for Exercise

A loss of mobility can occur for many reasons in persons with multiple sclerosis (MS), fibromyalgia, and other diseases.  However, one of the major reasons is loss of flexibility and strength. And many exercises can be difficult to during a flare. I like resistance bands because I can still do some exercises on those days I am stuck in bed. A sedentary lifestyle for even a week or two can lead to muscles and joints becoming weaker and tighter.  With these, I can thrown the band on and do a variety of exercises without even sitting up. I also love that they are so easily portable. I can stick a few in a suitcase and have a great way to work out.  These bands ones are great quality. Much better than the ones the physical therapist gave me.

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine - Whole Body Workout Vibration Fitness Platform w/Loop Bands - Home Training Equipment for Weight Loss & Toning

When the COVID pandemic hit one thing I really missed was the vibrating machine at the gym. My body craved that thing. So I got my doctor to write a letter so I could use my health savings account and got a machine I could use at home. The vibrating oscillation movements produced by this machine activate muscle fibers throughout the body. People have found it beneficial for increasing circulation and it is great to help with lymphatic drainage. The machine produces multidirectional vibrations which activate and engage muscles, making it ideal for people who are not able to engage in conventional exercise. They have one at my physical therapists office.

I opted for this one because I get often lose my balance or get dizzy so having something to hang on to was important.  Though I would have preferred this one as it takes up far less space and could easily slide under the bed. Plus it is less money.

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We believe in living your best life, despite whatever is going on in life. And yes, we get it, there can be a lot going on. You see, our family has been diagnosed with multiple medical conditions: including cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, dysautonomia, and other invisible illnesses.

This website is designed to be a place where we talk about resources to increase health and happiness, despite life’s stuff. Here is where we are starting to record research we’ve done or found related to various medical conditions, tips and tricks for increasing health, what it is like to deal with a variety of medical conditions.

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